Having pain in your feet is never a normal thing, but there’s an easy solution! Book a foot assessment with North East Podiatry and stop your suffering today!

We can help you with any sort of nail pathology issues including thickened, ingrown or discoloured nails, toe and forefoot problems, soreness in the ball, arch or heel of your feet, corn and callus removal, wart treatment, even toenail cutting, filing and burring. We also specialise in treating issues related to diabetes, osteoarthritis and sporting injuries.
Like most foot and ankle problems, the pain you’re experiencing now is much worse than what you may be imagining about a podiatry appointment! In fact, almost all of our treatments are painless, so you can relax knowing that you’ll be in good hands and feeling back to normal in no time.

If your feet or ankles are in pain, you don’t have to stand for it any longer!

Toenail Problems

Toenail problems can range from discolouration of the nail to fungal infections, many of which are extremely common and easy to treat with a range of treatment options.

At North East Podiatry, we offer an exciting, nail laser treatment to treat fungal nail issues, one of the most common problems we see. We use FOX Laser therapy to heat and kill fungal cells in your toenail, then new nail grows fixing any nail abnormalities, all without side effects!

Something such as white discolouration could be infections of the nail so if you’re unsure, book an appointment with North East Podiatry!

Another common problem is the ingrown toenail, which occurs when your healthy nail curves into the skin, causing irritation, swelling and pain. They can even happen after minor trauma or wearing the wrong sized shoes!

Ingrown toenails can quickly progress from small irritation to major problem, so avoid
further issues and see us today at North East Podiatry!


We hear from parents often that they worry taking their child to a podiatrist would be inconvenient or a bother to our staff, so we want to reassure you that it is a fantastic idea to make sure everything is normal and okay!

Bringing your child for a podiatry check up means we can let you know if there are any issues with your child’s feet or gait pattern, and allow us to detect any issues that could arise so that you can get ahead of them and prevent future problems.

Children’s feet grow so quickly that sometimes issues can occur, and in most cases these can be corrected with properly fitted, supportive shoes or orthotics.

Our check ups are non-invasive, painless and are done by friendly, caring podiatrists so there’s no need to worry, your child’s feet are in safe hands at North East Podiatry!

Diabetes Assessments

Diabetes affects your body’s method of converting glucose (sugar), which means
that often your glucose levels are too high.

This reduces your body’s ability to repair itself, damages nerves and causes your feet in particular to be at an increased risk of developing medical problems.

Over time, this nerve damage can mean that minor issues become larger problems as diabetes patients aren’t as able to feel if there is pain or injury. The most common of these issues are ulceration and infection so it is really important for people with diabetes to make sure their feet are in healthy shape!

This also includes your ankles, as diabetes can affect tendons and ligaments causing
stiffness and reduced range of motion.

A quick, painless check up with your North East Podiatry specialist means you can avoid weeks,
months or years of issues before they start.

Orthotics Assessments

Pain in the forefoot, ball or heel of the foot, shin splints, knee injuries, back ache… all of these
issues could be solved by a properly fitted pair of orthotics!

By changing the position of your feet in your shoes, orthotics can take pressure off sensitive areas,
reduce the strain on your lower body and give you relief from pain.

During your orthotics assessment, you will get tips and advice to better look after your feet and ankles, so it can be useful to bring a few pairs of the shoes you wear most often, so we can see how your feet move on a normal day!
We also offer an exciting new option of 3D orthotics, which are lighter in weight, more flexible and fit in your shoes easier than traditional orthotics. We take a digital photo of your foot, design the orthotic that best suits you,
then 3D print out a custom orthotic for your exact foot!

Foot care is an important part of health care, as proper orthotics can improve not just your
foot and ankle pain but even knee, hip and back problems!

Take the step towards painless feet, contact us for an orthotics assessment at North East Podiatry!


Helping people with their foot health is the most important thing for us at North East Podiatry,
so we love any opportunity to pass on helpful advice!

In fact, there are no bad questions when it comes to your feet or ankles, so don’t be afraid to book an appointment if you have questions or concerns!

We can offer you personalised advice on the most common problems like nail infections, tinea pedis (athlete foot) or fungal disease affecting your feet. Keeping the area clean and dry not only helps heal the infected area, it prevents further fungal issues from arising due to warmth and moisture.

At North East Podiatry we’re always compared to the dentist, and much like your teeth you only have one pair of feet and everyone’s feet are different! Once you’ve been in and had a check up, we can give you really solid advice specific to your feet, and together we will ensure you can stay fit and active without your feet or ankles stopping you!


Making sure you wear shoes that not only fit your feet comfortably, but give you the support you need is vital for avoiding pain, discomfort and most common foot problems! We can offer advice on shoes, socks and orthotics as well as suggest products from our great range in store, including ongoing care options to
keep your feet healthy such as smell sprays and moisturisers.


Are you an active sports lover? Blisters, cramping and plantar fasciitis can be common for sportsmen and women, and can be treated using taping techniques. If you’re having pain in your feet or ankles, talk to
our podiatrists today about a taping treatment plan for you!


As we age, the soft, natural fat padding in our feet can decrease which means cushioning is reduced. This can result in pain and increased chance of impact or temperature injury, but at North East Podiatry we offer great advice and solutions including soft material padding to add some extra cushion to your feet!


We spend an average of four hours on our feet every day, walking in excess of 5000 steps! Much like any other physical activity, stretching is key to avoid pain or injury!

The best advice our podiatrists can give you to prevent foot and ankle pain is to make sure your stretch properly!
Book an appointment for a consultation today!

Sports Injuries

High impact sports come with the risk of high impact injuries, but if your feet or ankles have suffered from your love of sport, that doesn’t mean you have to keep suffering!

Sprains, strains, achilles pain, plantar fasciitis, even muscle tears can happen in almost any sport, so making sure you regularly have your feet and ankles checked is vital to stay at match fitness!

The most common issues we see include a range of sporting injuries such as stress fractures and ankle injuries, blisters, heel pain, pain in the forefoot or ball of the foot and arch pain.

North East Podiatry can provide a range of treatments to reduce your pain, improve your mobility, and prevent further issues arising. Ask about our advanced shockwave therapy which helps tendon problems, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, regenerates tissue and soothes your pain.

Book an appointment the specialists at North East Podiatry to keep your feet and ankles in top shape!


Archie’s Arch Support Thongs are an orthotic thong that were designed by a young private practice Professional who was sick and tired of telling his patients to stop wearing flat thongs. While the concept of orthotic thongs is not a new, this design varies greatly from anything we have ever seen before as they incorporate legitimate orthotic support but still just look like normal thongs!

At the start of every summer there seems to be some form of article in the newspaper or a T.V interview about the negative effects of flat thong wearing, in fact it has been well reported in recent times that there are many elite sports teams which have actually banned their athletes from wearing flat thongs!

While we are all reasonably aware that flat thongs are not great for your feet, what’s actually wrong with normal thongs?

The most obvious problem with typical thongs is that they are flat and offer the feet no support. This can be a problem for all foot types as we have become conditioned to wearing footwear with support, however it is a particular problem if you have increased pronation.

Pronation occurs when the foot rolls inwards. When the foot rolls in so too does the lower limb/leg, causing a disruption to the body’s natural alignment. Increased pronation alters the way that stress and strain are absorbed through the body, which can potentially lead to injury. Issues arising from increased pronation are more common in people with flat feet, however it can occur in all foot types.

Flat thongs can also be problematic for people with high arches. People with high arches have a tendency to take increased stress on the outside of the foot and leg which over time may lead to injury. The addition of arch support in this foot type can help more evenly distribute the load and pressure across the foot which may potentially reduce the likelihood of an injury from occurring.

One of the other biggest problems with typical thongs is that they often come with a very loose strap. Normally when you walk your toes are supposed to bend upwards which activates the arch of the foot which then provides protection and support to the vital structures of the feet. However, most typical thongs have a very loose strap which means that you end up clawing / scrunching your toes down just to try and keep the thongs on your feet. When the toes claw / scrunch down rather than bending up, the arch does not activate and as a result your foot is subject to increased stress and strain which may lead to damage of some of the vital structures of the feet such as the plantar fascia and joint cartledge of the bones of the feet. Archies Thongs have been designed with a much tighter strap than normal thongs which reduces toe clawing and enhances proper foot function which allows you to walk more naturally.

Most thongs are also very flat in the heel section with little to no elevation which can put a lot of stress and strain on the calf and achilles. The lower your heel is to the ground, the more your Achilles will be on constant stretch, this can predispose to problems such as Achilles tendinopathy. When the heel is elevated the Achilles is unloaded, thereby providing your achilles tendon with some relief from constant stress.

Other more obvious problems with typical thongs is that they are commonly have straps that are made out of hard plastic which can cause irritation and can potentially lead to blisters. These straps also often break at the toe pole by having the plug pull through the base of the thong, splitting the thong in the process.

Archies Arch Support thongs have done a brilliant job on solving these issues and they have already been adopted by many professional athletes, sporting teams as well being stock in the clinics of some of Australia’s leading Health Professionals. Apart from solving these key design issues already mentioned, Archies Thongs are well and truly the most comfortable thong we have ever worn and once you get used to them you will not want to take them off!

In fact, even if you don’t normally wear thongs, Archies Thongs are great to be worn as an in and around the house slipper, especially if you wear orthotics or other supportive footwear. This is because often we go from wearing our supportive footwear or orthotics through the day and then come home and walk around in bare feet on hard floorboards and tiles. The super comfortable soft foam and the arch support found in Archies Thongs is great to help to take some off the stress and strain when walking around on hard tiles and floorboards. In particular, the thongs are great for any of our patients suffering from plantar fasciitis to support and protect the arch while it is healing. In this case, we suggest to put your Archies on before you even take your first step in the morning, having the arch may help to- reduce pain and facilitate a more optimal healing environment.

Anyway, I think that just about covers it. We all know that people are going to wear thongs in Summer, it’s the Australian way! However we think that Archies Thongs will certainly be a more suitable alternative for you than wearing flat thongs. At a retail price $35.00 Archies Thongs represent excellent value for money and are a good investment in your health for the upcoming summer!

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