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wartsWarts are the result of a viral infection. There are several types which may look different depending on where they occur on the body.

On the feet they may appear as flat multiple lesions or consist simply of a single large lesion. They are often referred to as ‘plantar warts’ which simply means they have developed on the bottom of the feet. In fact a wart can develop anywhere even under the nails or between the toes.

Papilloma is another name for a plantar wart. People often confuse papillomas with corns as these also occur on the bottom of the feet.

Warts are contagious especially in warm moist areas such as bathing facilities e.g. swimming pools, communal showers. To prevent infection, avoid walking barefoot in such areas and keep your feet meticulously clean and dry.

The diagnosis is important in determining the best form of treatment. It is best to seek advice from your Podiatrist before undertaking any self treatment.