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orthosesFoot pain, shin splints, knee injuries, back ache…..if any (or all) of these sound painfully familiar, your feet may be letting you down.

A promising solution to these problems is a device called an orthotic, which is something you slip in your shoe to correct the way you stand, walk and run.

An orthotic is a biomechanical correcting device that realigns the joint structures in the foot to a normal position, allowing joints in the foot to function correctly. This allows muscles and ligaments to pull correctly, which influences the ankle, knee, hip, pelvic area and back.

An orthotic is a custom-made device and a lot different from an insole bought over the counter at a pharmacy.

Before prescribing orthotics, the team at North East Podiatry will perform a thorough biomechanical assessment and gait analysis. Range of motion measurements will be taken, muscles tested and postural alignment considered. A 3D image of your foot with the joints in the correct position will be taken and approximately 2 weeks later you have a pair of orthotics.